Thursday 27 November 2008

One of the Greatest 3rd Level mysteries of all time

is how come Wallace and Gromit : Project Zoo has been totally overlooked.

We have gameCube...but whatever the format...these can often be picked up in the bargain bins for £5 or $5. May I say, that if any of you are into Nick Park's creativity....he reminds me so much of the unrivalled creativity of the Christian children's authors Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen...who used to do great illustrations and design on the late 70s Fulness magazine.
Well if anyone illustrates God's creativity...then Nick Park does also. The best £5 we ever spent on family entertainment was this game. There are so many hidden features. It is a mixture of light and dark humor, like the fact it is virtually a film in its own right. Why all the ever so cool games review magazines completely overlook this one...well that's just one of the big 3rd level mysteries of the universe.
Or perhaps people have a life.


Sheila Atchley said...


We enjoy the Wii at our house. Now get this: we typically cannot afford gaming systems. We splurged a year ago on a different gaming system for our oldest boy, who was (and is) practicing hospitality consistently. (He has neighborhood boys over on Tuesday nights for a brief Bible study, and then LOTS of basketball and video games...)

It was the first new system we'd ever bought...they are just too expensive.

About a month ago, someone showed up on our front porch with a brand new Wii, lots of controllers, and several new games to go with it! She said the Lord prompted her to do it!

Chris, we have had so much fun with that system. We look like idiots, as we "bowl" or play "baseball" or "tennis" etc. etc. My husband ended up with a very sore arm and shoulder after the first couple of days. Our guests love to play it too.

I'm still laughing at how God gave us a video gaming system!

Third level living at its best...


Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

we did splurge on Wii too...which have lots of fun activity in that respect are greatly superior.
The graphics are often rather a step backwards...well on many of them...but you know,
Christine and I have never completed Wallace and Gromit, though Ben has had it for about 2-3 we thought we'd get through it this winter...and you know there's stacks of hidden stuff we keep finding...even on the levels we'd thought we'd done. It's truly been completely wasted on the general public. If his films had suffered in the same one would ever have realised what a genius he is.

Jamie said...

OH!! We LOVE Wallace and Grommit!! They love cheese; what more needs to be said?? I blew all my birthday money on cheese and port this week-end; I am such a pathetic Anglophile. :)

We MUST, MUST, MUST have this under our tree! Thanks, Chris.

lydia said...

Did you just say cheese and port ........I am on my way!!!!!

We are splurging for a Wii, actually our kids saved up and we are chipping in the rest, should be good fun...........!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

cheese and port

hey you're probably more English than we are

Good to hear from you Lydia Joy.

Where's Don and also Shawna these days?