Tuesday 6 January 2015

Clocking Out?

Paul Noble posted an interesting article about the large numbers leaving churches and not because they are necessarily giving up faith....in fact quite the reverse.
I alluded to the "gap", the "transition " of 400 years between Malachi and the gospels. God's biggest things usually have lulls....or incubation periods.
-Genesis 1 the Spirit on the waters
-From Abraham's Dad right through to the real start of Israel as a nation was some 3-4 generations of just God working things through with 4 individuals....Terah, Abraham, Isaac,Jacob....then things kicked off.
-390 years in Egypt!!!
-40 bloomin years in a desert waiting for the first generation to die off
and on and on.
-The last sizeable revival in the UK apart from our youth one around 70-72, was the Welsh revival and a small Hebridean revival.

So why the gap? Well it is actually extremely related to the Malachi-Matthew gap.
Jesus wasn't just a prophet. Wasn't just a Saviour...although there is no "just" about that. No He literally was the ADAM that DIDN'T flunk out as the first one had. This 2nd and Last Adam overcame....as a man.

That's the reason for the lull.
This Last Adam is showing up again. In the saints. To walk things out.
There's as huge a leap between Jews and prophets and patriarchs to Jesus

as there is now between CHURCHGOERS, and CHURCHIANITY and LITURGIES and SERMONS and what God is doing today

Literally fulfilling John 4.
Neither on this mountain nor at Jerusalem shall the people worship me...they shall now worship in Spirit and in Truth
The pots and pans shall cry Holy to the Lord!!!!

This NEXT THING is about the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covering the earth as the waters cover the seas.....
It's about the Son of Man standing up in the Earth and being seen like lightning from the East to the West.
It's about the Righteous flourishing quite suddenly in the same way that a palm Tree does after a very long barren looking tree trunk.....Kabaaaam!


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