Tuesday 6 January 2015

The Apostolic Lineage Lie

I met an apostolic lineage guy the other day....they are the
traditional form of the more modern "apostolic covering" pyramids. In this game you have to make sure that your ministry is appointed and recognised by somebody else in a continuous line since St Peter. I suppose in their thinking saint Paul must have somehow got his gospel ratified by the Jesus apostle bigwigs in order to keep his lines going. I am assuming Canon Andrew White and Michael Terry are both in this parlour game. It is of course one of the Ancient Doors that needs lifting that the King of Glory may come in.....just as the same thing is occurring in the secular Luciferian realm with the 13 Bloodlines dating from Babel.....what in naive parlance is referred to as Old money or Venetian bloodlines. Indeed now there is scarce any difference between Church and witchcraft which is why WICCA is alongside Methodism Catholicism Unitarians in the world council of churches.
No our authority which is a flame of fire, comes like St Paul and the apostles from what we have touched, tasted and handled of Christ....this Christ we have eaten and drunk and now live.
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